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About Us

Stuffworks Projects (Pty) Ltd, was established in 2012 and has rapidly developed into a leading company, providing professional services to Engineering, Construction and Mining industries across the South African region.

We convey an unparalleled mixture of knowledge and skills, experience and proficiency, commitment and devotion to every project. At Stuffworks Projects, we have been able to deliver the highest quality of work with stipulated time frame due to our commitment to cardinal business ethics and corporate compliance.

Furthermore, we have been able to build a strong reputation for excellence, dependability and guarantee. Our services and products are acknowledged as world class and with the superlative in the industry. Stuffworks Projects ensures every stage of a project is completed with utmost sustainability right from the start to the finishing point and final handover of projects.

Clients are solid indication of the company’s exceptional competence and skill to handle projects of practically any degree. Our extensively wide-ranging regulars which comprises State owned Companies, Private Corporate and renowned Multinational Corporations.

With our solid track record and confirmed competence of our team, Stuffworks Projects can confidently guarantee:

•   Qualified Project Management Capability

•   Quality And Safety Assurance

•   Timely Completion Of Projects

•   Highly Skilled Manpower


Who we are

Stuffworks Projects (Pty) Ltd provides Steel engineering & Civil engineering works in a wide range of fields of Building, civil and industrial engineering.
Stuffworks Projects (Pty) Ltd do fabrications and Installations for major projects with an interdisciplinary and global approach, intergrating specialized skills and proven experience.
Stuffworks Projects (Pty) Ltd offer of integrated engineering and civil engineering works is based on the combination of knowledge and resources capable of responding to the client’s requirements.


Quality Policy

Our company is committed to providing Steel Fabrications and Civil Engineering Works to the highest standards using the latest state of the art manufacturing production machinery and fabrication methods, in line with the latest quality management systems and relevant project specifications, our dedicated staff will ensure our services will meet the quality requirements of our clients.


Environmental Policy

Stuffworks Projects (Pty) Ltd regards the promotion of Environmental Management measures as a mutual objective for management and employees at all levels and recognises the impact of environmental issues on business performance. It is therefore the Company Policy to do all that is reasonable to ensure that all environmental issues are assessed, actioned and reviewed relating to the company's products, activities and services.

Company Responsibilites

To provide and maintain safe and healthy working conditions taking account of any statutory requirements.
To provide training and instructions and instruction to enable employees to perform their work safely and efficiently.
To maintain a constant and continuing interest in Health and Safety matters applicable to the Company.
To consult with employee safety representatives on Health and Safety arrangements. 
Employees are required to co-operate with management in carrying out there statutory duties with the object of raising and maintaining a high standard of safety performance. By working safely and efficiently.
By using the protective equipment provided and meeting statutory obligations
By reporting accidents that have accrued, or may lead to damage or injury, and by adhering to the Company procedures, for securing a safe working place.

Responsibility for Implementation

Each employee has personal responsibility for becoming familiar understanding of Stuffworks Projects (Pty) Ltd health and safety policies and for complying with them at all times.
All managers and supervisors have a responsibility for the well –being of all persons within their area of jurisdiction and to ensure that all approved health and safety policies, procedures, codes of practice and standards are followed.


Health & Safety Policy

Stuffworks Projects (Pty) Ltd acknowledges and accepts its statutory responsibility for securing the health, safety and welfare of all its employees and others involved with the activities of the company.

The company recognises this responsibility as a fundamental duty amongst others for the successful operation of the business.

We will provide job specific method statements and risk assessments based on site conditions in conjunction with our clients construction programme before commencement on site.

Stuffworks Projects (Pty) Ltd number one priority and absolute commitment above all other influences and drivers is one of safe delivery. This commitment is not only made to our clients and workforce, but also extends to all those individuals and other external organisations that may at any time interface with, or, be exposed to any of Stuffworks Projects (Pty) Ltd business activities and/or operations.

Being “risk aware, not risk averse” is the foundation stone of Stuffworks Projects (Pty) Ltd entire approach to the management of Health & Safety within their business.

Health and safety programs will include elements necessary to encourage employees at all levels to fully co-operate in accomplishment of these objectives and to conduct their activities in a safe manner.

The demands of the work shall not be allowed to prejudice the safety of Stuffworks Projects (Pty) Ltd personnel.

The company will carry out regular management reviews and maintain up to date health and safety procedures at all places of work. The policy is reviewed annually however changes in legislation or regulations should occur the policy will be updated accordingly.

Health & Safety at work act 1974
Management of the Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 
The Health and safety (consolation with Employees) Regulations (HSCR) 1996
The Construction (Health Safety Welfare) Regulations 1996
The Construction Design and Management Regulations 2007
All other relevant Statutory Regulations.